The solution

Therapist and counseling for sex addiction

People who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior (“sex addiction”, “sex and love addiction”) find it extremely difficult to control their behavior without help.  In many cases, their sexual and relationship patterns took root in their youth, and then gradually intensified over time.  Changing these habits takes effort, new skills, and support.


Additionally, underneath the sexual behavior, there are usually other significant life circumstances or past traumatic experiences that may be creating pain that the sexual behavior is masking.


Finally, existing relationships must be repaired.  Compulsive sexual behavior exists in a context of isolation and secrecy.  To be successful, treatment must bring people out of shame and loneliness and into relationships based on integrity and transparency.


I help clients stop their behavior and repair their relationships.  I provide tools for coping with cravings, systems of accountability, and support for long-term change. I also help clients explore and make changes in the other areas of their lives that need attention, including marriage, family, career, friendships, physical health, spirituality, depression, anxiety, past trauma or grief.


Compulsive sexual behavior is the focus of this practice.